Your Guide To Binge Watching Gilmore Girls ‘A Year In The Life’

2016-11-25 02:43:08Z
Maddy Pattison
Maddy Pattison

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After suddenly leaving our screens in 2007, the day has finally come. Gilmore Girls is set to grace our screens tonight at 7pm AEDT on Netflix after we endured a gruelling 9 year wait to be reunited with Lorelai, Rory and the rest of the Stars Hollow gang.

In true Rory fashion, we’ve compiled a list to optimise the long awaited viewing tonight from appropriate dress code to the suitable cuisine. So cancel Friday Night Dinner, secure the best spot on the couch and enjoy your binge!

1. Order Take Out

If you’re anything like Lorelai, the kitchen is a foreign and scary concept for you. Unfortunately we aren’t all as lucky as Stars Hollow to have Luke and his diner on call, so hit up your local taco eatery or call up the pizzeria so you don’t miss a minute of the revival.

2. Coffee, Plenty Of Coffee

Unless you zoned out for majority of the series, you’d be acutely aware of the important role coffee has in the daily life of Stars Hollow residents, particularly Lorelai and Rory.  So we’ve created a lil drinking game (strictly coffee of course) for you to play whilst watching tonight.

Have a shot of coffee every time:

  • You passionately sing the opening theme
  • Dean throws a tanty
  • Emily has a new maid
  • Kirk has a new job
  • Taylor calls an emergency town meeting
  • Logan calls Rory “Ace”
  • Babette and Miss Patty gossip
  • Michel makes a sassy, sarcastic comment
  • Taylor and Luke have a tiff

3. Dress For The Occasion

Because what’s more fun than dressing up? Whether you force  strongly encourage your significant other to sport a baseball cap and a flannelette shirt or channel your inner Emily with some fancy pearls and a brooch, get your dress up on!

4. Turn Your Cell Off

In true Luke Dane’s fashion, turn off your phone! Not only does this mean you’re abiding by Luke’s strict no cell diner policy, but it’ll save you the heartbreak of seeing spoilers on social media (we all have that one friend who will skip to the last 5 minutes and ruin everything).

5. Psychologically Prepare Yourself For Those “Last Four Words”

According to the writer, director and executive producer of the show (Amy Sherman-Palladino) she has had the plot planned from the very first episode, to the final words of the revival. Rumour has it the revival will conclude with four short words, who will they be between??? Rory and Lorelai? Luke and Lorelai?? Here’s hoping these words provide some closure and aren’t something like “I just don’t know” or “I can’t do this” (I’ve been racking my brain all day as to what it could be). If it’s vague and open ended I’ll be hating life.

Oy with the poodles already- call your own town meeting and get your fellow Gilmore Girls obsessed pals over to watch. Whether you’re #TeamDean, #TeamJess or #TeamLogan, let’s hope the revival makes us all happy, after all we have waited just shy of a decade.  

Gilmore Girls kicks off on Netflix TONIGHT at these times:

QLD: 6pm
SA: 6.30pm
NT: 5.30pm
WA: 4pm

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