What Did David 'International Model’ Witko Get Up To After The Bachelorette?

2016-07-26 06:30:59Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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We all remember David Witko who tried super hard to win over Sam Froston The Bachelorette… here’s what he is up to now!

He was a fan fave… most people loved him… some others didn’t get him, but they still loved to watch him… but at the same time everyone was kinda happy when Sam didn’t give him a rose.

Anyways, it turns out that David was an actual legit model… and being on the show helped him even more!

He is still traveling all across the world with his modeling… because in case you forgot, he's an international model.

A lot of his fans recently thought he had a baby… BUT DON’T STRESS! It is actually his cousin’s baby. But if you take a scroll on his Instagram account, it’s not hard to think he could be a new dad. Someone is a very proud uncle!

But, who can forget when he made some pretty explosive claims about Sam Frost.

Honestly though, that season of The Bachelorette wouldn’t have been the same without David.

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