SPOILER ALERT! Is This Proof Of Which Guy Has Won The Bachelorette?

2016-10-13 23:13:55Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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So looks like we may have some evidence that Georgia Love has already picked her winning guy!


The Bachelorette was spotted on the Gold Coast with Jake Ellis, filming for an upcoming episode and photographers have snapped them looking very happy.


The couple were canoodling all over the joint and took a very romantic boat ride on a lake before settling down for a tasty looking picnic.

They both look incredibly smitten, even when the cameras were off, so maybe this means Jake has offically won Georgia's heart?

The real estate developer was the first guy to steal a kiss this season and now that we have these photos to reference, we think there's a very good chance of them living happily ever after. 

Sing it with us! "Love is in the aaaiiiirrrr duh dh duh duh duh duh!!"

Images: Daily Mail

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