Ex-Bachelor Contestants Amber, Alana And Lisa Seem To Have Gotten Their Fairytale Endings

2016-10-25 00:31:50Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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This season of The Bachelorette is coming to a close and to celebrate, we thought it would be fun to check up on some of our favourite bachelorettes who stunned us on The Bachelor to see what they're up to now.

The aim of the show is for The Bachelor to find the woman of his dreams and live happily ever after. 

Even though these girls didn't win over Blake Garvey in season two, they still found love and have wonderful lives.

When your husband gets into your makeup...🐰 #Easter #Bunny #firsteaster #dressups #family #love

A photo posted by Alana Billings (@alanabillings) on


Alana Billings 

A big rule on The Bachelor and Bachelorette is that a contestant cannot post on social media until they have been eliminated. Alana didn't follow this rule during her season and you'll probably remember the trouble she caused when she posted a photo of her with her husband whilst she was still on the show. The good news is that she's still married and even has a baby girl.

While parts of my life have been in the public eye, something that not everyone realizes is that there are other portions that I keep private and cherished close to my heart. Shortly after leaving The Bachelor mansion in 2014 I met the most amazing man I could have ever imaged. It’s crazy to think that almost 2 years to the date has passed and crazier when I think about how much we have been through in such a short time. You’ve been by my side through thick and thin, ups and downs, close nights at home and the long distance periods too. You share your love so generously with me and I’ve never felt more at home than I am in your arms. I love you so much Charles … thanks for being by my side. ❤️❤️❤️ #FashionAid #TheBachelorAU #mybachelor #love #loveyou #luckygirl Thank you @hellreizer and @samtabone for capturing these beautiful moments ❤️📷😘

A photo posted by Amber Gelinas (@amber.gelinas) on


Amber Gelinas 

Amber was probably the biggest pot-stirrer on the second season of The Bachelor, but she's revealed that she's been in a happy relationship for two years.

Right before Tyson pushed me in... 😝 exploring the Capri grotto's !

A photo posted by Lisa Hyde (@lisa_m_hyde) on


Lisa Hyde 

Lisa may not have been one of the most memorable girls on The Bachelor, but she's been killing it since she left the show. She now travels the world with her boyfriend and we're jealous AF!

Looks like all these girls are happy after The Bachelor and we can only hope that Georgia will be happy too when her season ends. 

Image: Channel Ten

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