We Could Be Getting A Massive Bachelor Spin-Off And We Can’t Cope

2016-09-17 01:57:12Z
Bree Gashparac
Bree Gashparac

Pop culture & reality TV enthusiast. I’ve got a degree in Lady Gaga and an addiction to Tumblr. I also have 63k tweets to my name, so that's nice.

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Already having Bachelor withdrawals? This will be music to your ears!

It has emerged that Channel Ten are considering a spin-off called Bachelor In Paradise, which has already taken off in the USA.

The show invites past contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to come back and try for love again in a tropical location. 


The twist is there is an uneven amount of guys and girls at any moment, which means two people won’t receive a rose every week and are sent packing. To make it more interesting, two men or women join the group every week and the contestants pretty much flirt with lots of different people until two couples win at the end! Could this be better than the traditional format? 


Ol’ mate Osher Gunsberg has already commented on the possibility of the new show, saying he’d love for Keira Maguire to return, as well as Rochelle from Season 1.

We are seriously so excited about these rumours – let’s hope it happens!

Image: Channel Ten

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