Watch Laurie Oaks Down A Sneaky Slice Of Pizza During Election Coverage

2016-11-10 02:01:14Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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It was a looong night of US election coverage yesterday, so we really don’t blame him for this one. 

Covering an election is serious business, constantly crossing over to chats with  political experts, whilst always keeping the public updated on the latest news.

After hours and hours on air, Aussie journos tend to loosen up a little and we totally understand why. Our favourite on-air moment yesterday, however, came from Channel 9. 

After almost 12-hours on air, Laurie Oaks kept it super real, quickly biting into a slice of delicious pizza during an accidental cutaway -

‘Onya Laurie! Covering an election is no reason to go hungry!

Images: Channel 9

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