Um So, This Is What The ‘Friends’ Theme Song Was Actually Meant To Be

2016-10-06 23:13:25Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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We all know and love the Friends' theme song - it's uplifting, catchy, it just works! But what if we told you, it's not what was originally chosen for the iconic intro? 

'I'll Be There For You' by the RemBrandts, AKA (or better known as) the Friends' theme song - great song. 

Now, get ready to feel all sorts of wrong because the original song for Friends was actually meant to be R.E.M's 'Shiny Happy People'. 'I'll Be There For You' wasn't actually chosen as the theme song until after the show's producer, Kevin Bright, recommended it... after the Pilot Ep. 

We're sure you're having a bit of a difficult time picturing any song other than what you're used to, so we're just going to leave this here...

Yeah, tbh, they may as well have thrown Slipknot's 'Duality' over the top of the intro. It's all just wrong. 

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