This Photo Has Everyone Convinced These Bachie Favourites Are DATING

2016-11-26 22:55:47Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Unfortunately, we all have to wait for 2017 to roll in (or steam-roll in, considering how 2016 has treated us) for us all to get another dose of The Bachelor Bachelorette action. 

Richie and Georgia may have found true love on the show, but sadly all of us didn't get the same results by staying glued to the program every darn night. 

But we've got another bit of Bachie goss to calm our farms and reignite our hopes that Christmas is going to bring true love knocking on our doors, preferably holding a boom box over their head blasting our favourite love song. 

Or we'll just settle for a dazzling smile greeting us with the promise there's still Mr/Mr Right out there. 

Unfulfilled quests for love aside, it turns out that two of our Bachelor and Bachelorette favourites might have ditched their affections for Richie and Georgia and found a connection with each other!

Well, this is exactly what fans are thinking and it's all because of this pic!

Faith Williams and Jake Ellis spent the night together at the premiere of KOOZA by Cirque Du Soleil, and posted all about it on their Instagrams. 

Jake's gushing about the gorgeous Faith and the amazing time they had together has everyone talking about the duo. 

The two have also been spotted out and about in Sydney. 

Needless to say, fans were over the moon about the could-be couple. 

But Faith has since shut down all fan dreaming and has stated the pair are "JUST FRIENDS."

To bad if Jake thought otherwise... 

Image Credit: Channel Ten.

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