This MAFS Groom May Have Just Dropped Some MAJOR News!

2017-02-25 23:39:38Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Every night we're on the edge of our seats wondering which couples will last on Married At First Sight.

The show has had its fair share of drama over the last few weeks and it's made things just a tad awkward for viewers.

Luckily, though, one groom has shared a very suggestive photo on Instagram, hinting that everything will still turn out okay.

Vanessa and Andrew haven't really been caught up in any drama on MAFS, which unfortunately means we see a bit less of them.

They haven't been focused on too much, but it looks like that has been working in their favour as Andrew may have just confirmed that they're still together!

He posted a picture of himself and Vanessa at their wedding reception last night with the simple caption, "this girl".

This girl😍

A post shared by Andrew Hill MAFS (@andy_hill86) on


The caption also had the heart eyes emoji and we think that simple caption said a lot more than he thought it would.

Fans have commented on the photo asking him if they are still married, but no replies have snuck through yet.

So do you think they're still going strong?

Or have they just become great friends?

Oh Andrew, you cheeky thing you!

Image: Channel Nine

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