This Is How Much Those Gogglebox Cast Members Actually Earn

2016-11-25 22:58:59Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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If you were considering giving up your day job and emailing the folks at Gogglebox so you could be a full-time Gogglebox couch critic for a living... think again. 

Because you're not going to be raking in as much moolah as you thought.

Australia always seems to be following the lead of one of our sister countries, like bringing a much loved UK or US series to our shores, so you'd expect the money earned on those series to be similar when made over here. 

Gogglebox UK star Scarlett Moffatt took to her local news outlet Channel 4 to spill the beans on just how much she makes by appearing on the show... and it's not as much as you'd expect. 

According to her reports and The Sun, each family on the show brings in a paycheck of about $2,500. That's for the use of their house and for 2 six-hour shoots per week. 

Travel the globe all the way to our fabulous Australian homeland and the Aussie Gogglebox stars have revealed in the past that they do not get paid... 

Basically, members are given money as a location fee for the use of the house and electricity, etc. 

But if you thought they earned a helluva lot by appearing as our weekly entertainment... they don't. 

Don't give up your day job, folks...

Image Credit: Channel Ten.

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