This Bachelor Theory About Who Wins Will BLOW Your Mind

2016-09-13 06:28:52Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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We love a good conspiracy theory, especially one about our current addiction and fav reality show The Bachelor, which unfortunately is set to wrap up this week. 

So, as we all know it's down to a final magic three-Nikki, Olena and Alex who are all vying for Richie's heart. Who will ACTUALLY win the final rose, is something of a mystery but a writer from the Daily Mail reckons she's cracked a seemingly long standing secret message that can determine who the winner is!

Her theory as to who wins? It's all in the wardrobe choices! 

According to Monique, in all past three Bachelor finales, the three remaining girls are split by their dress colour choices – two girls wearing one similar colour, one girl wearing another that’s distinctly different is who ends up winning!

Let's take a look back shall we at a bit of Bachie history...


Final 3- Rochelle and Ali in white looking gowns and Anna in a black gown.

Ali was the first to be eliminated, leaving Anna in black and Rochelle in the white. 

Winner-Anna in BLACK.


Final 3- Lisa and Louise rocked lighter coloured gowns, whilst Sam rocked a black frock.

Louise ended up being the first eliminated ... leaving Lisa in white and Sam again in Black.

Winner- Sam in BLACK!

Seeing a pattern?!


Okay so the theory may not work 100% here... or at all! 

Again a black and white theme emerged, with Snezana and Lana wearing white and Sarah in a black gown.

Winner- Snezana was the ultimate winner in a white gown, which ultimately throws the theory to the wind. Damn.

However! This year could prove to follow the formula again.


As we can see in the photo below Alex is rocking black, with Olena and Nikki in white... so who knows what this week will bring but something tells us drama won't be far behind!

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