This Game Of Thrones Actor Is Furious That He Was Killed Off

2016-09-23 02:48:46Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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A Game Of Thrones actor has lashed out at HBO and the creators of the show for killing his character.

The show's tagline is "Valar Morghulis", which translates too "all men must die", so it's never too surprising when someone is killed. 

Ian McElhinney, the actor who played Ser Barristan Selmy of Dorne in the series, has lashed out at HBO for being killed off the show before his character had been killed in the books.

The actor is well known for his work on Star Trek and when he was interviewed by, he let them know about the confusion saying "Something happened; I have no idea what. 

If they were going to kill me off at the end of the last season why would they contract me for those four episodes? Because it costs them money whether I do them or not, so it’s not great business sense to do it just in case.”

The actor then ripped on HBO about them keeping secrets and lying to the fans, "they misinform the crowd and they give them tidbits to send them in wrong directions."

Everyone knows you shouldn't spoil Game Of Thrones, so do you think his anger in justified? 

Image: Vanity Fair, HBO

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