This $500 Item From The Bachelor Mansion Is NOT What We Thought It’d Be

2016-09-10 22:45:27Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We’ve all watched The Bachelor and had our jaws drop when we see the gorgeous gowns the girls wear to the cocktail parties, thinking, ‘how much did that cost?! These girls are so lucky getting to wear them!'

Well, it turns out that those dazzling dresses aren’t the only extravagant things in The Bachelor mansion, because there’s another item which is worth the big $$$$.

According to Faith Williams, who appeared on The Project this week to share some inside goss, the champagne and dresses the girls flaunt at the cocktail evenings isn't the only thing that's cutting into The Bachelor's obvs huge budget. 

Remember the red-rimmed champagne flutes the girls are always clinging to? Well, they're worth up to $500... each.

We're not joking.

Faith revealed, "After I left I found out that they were actually $500 glasses. So if I'd known that maybe I would have put a few in my bag and sold them on eBay or something."

The joke was laughable, but seriously - imagine the moolah you'd rake in! Especially if you told everyone they were from the infamous Bachelor mansion!

Okay, so Faith's info was a little wrong, because if you do a search of the expensive glasses t turns out the Waterford Crystal Clarendon Ruby Flute comes in at $449 for a pair. 

Much cheaper than $500 a pop, but still - who has the money to spend that much on glasses?! Unless, you know, they were a wedding gift. 

Our wallets are getting a little stressed over this...

Image Credit: Channel Ten

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