Things Got A Lil Awkward Between Lisa Wilkinson & Jesinta Franklin On ‘The Today Show’

2017-02-03 01:52:20Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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The ‘Today’ host accidentally threw mad shade at Jestina yesterday morning leaving her co-hosts unsure whether to laugh or cringe. 

Look, we get that sometimes words just don’t come out the way you want them. Even for professionals like Lisa Wilkinson

Interviewing model and media personality, Jesinta Franklin, about the David Jones catwalk show she had on the night before, the model mentioned the 14-hour days she was working in the lead-up.

This is when Lisa awkwardly replied, “What are you doing for 14 hours? Because you’re just kind of wearing clothes and walking right?” 

This obviously was met with a reaction from her co-hosts Karl and Sylvia, but Lisa attempted to clarify, saying “It’s a legitimate question and Jesinta gets it”.  

Lisa would get it too, having been the editor of Dolly Magazine and now even at ‘The Today Show’ she’d be surrounded by similar job demands.   

Jesinta responded, explaining “that is the perception for a lot of models, that you put on an outfit and sashay down the runway.

“Yesterday I had about 20 media interviews back-to-back, I had hair and make-up, I had briefings and I had rehearsals.”

Watch how it all played out below - 

Image: Channel 9 

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