These Bachelor And Survivor Stars Were Hooking Up Underneath Our Noses This WHOLE Time!

2016-11-29 23:11:31Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Turns out some of our Aussie reality stars are much better at laying low than we thought!

Many contestants from The Bachelorette and Survivor: Australia have been in the public eye since the shows ended, but two stars ended up being able to keep their relationship quiet and fans completely unaware of what was happening.

Now, though, it looks like they've decided to go public.

Ring ring. Hello? @courtneydober @brookejowett @kelllllllllllllyyyyy what a weekend with legends.

A photo posted by Todd Jesson (@toddjesson) on


Todd Jesson, who we met on The Bachelorette, has been getting cosy with Survivor's Brooke Jowett.

We had our suspicions about the relationship, but an Instagram post that Todd shared on Saturday seemed to confirm that we were right all along.

The photo is of the pair at a polo event in Melbourne and fellow Bachelor and Survivor alumni have commented on the post, fueling the relationship rumours.

Megan Marx said the pair looked "steamy" and Brooke herself said, "these hashtags are amazing".

The hashtags in question, were "#myboo #thedream #couplesofinstagram #saucy #spicy #steamy #babe".


These guys are so sneaky, but we're very happy for them!

Image: Channel Ten

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