The Next Australian Suburb In ‘Struggle Street’ Is “Something Out Of Hell”

2016-11-16 02:12:26Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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We honestly didn’t think anything could top last season… but here we are.

It’s no secret that SBS’s three-part series 'Struggle Street' had some mixed responses when it premiered last year and now it’s set to create a bit more of a stir.

The first season was set in Mount Druitt in the west of Sydney and was described as "poverty porn" by commentators.

SBS has chosen Sunshine in Melbourne and Inala in Brisbane to take part in the next series and have hinted that viewers will be confronted with examples of poverty and disadvantage that  “are like something out of hell.”

The season hasn’t even aired yet and it is already creating headlines around the local areas of filming with authorities declining crews to film in their area.

Just last month, the Brisbane City Council issued a fine of $609 to SBS producers after refusing to provide the production company, Keo Films, filming permits.

It is going to be one messssssyyy series.

Image Credit: SBS

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