The New Trailer For The Slenderman Documentary Will Give You Nightmares

2016-11-11 04:13:02Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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The trailer for HBO's documentary Beware the Slenderman has just been released and you better excuse us while we hide under the covers for the next week.

Slenderman has been a freaky online myth for quite a while, but speculation about whether or not he exists is still ongoing.

In 2014, a 12-year-old girl was stabbed by her school mates in Wisconsin, supposedly, by the order of the Slenderman.

The young girl survived and the case is still ongoing, leading many to believe that Beware The Slenderman may uncover new evidence in the case, similar to the way  The Case Of JonBenet Ramsey did. 

Have a look at the trailer and maybe make sure someone is guarding your bedroom door tonight. 

Image: HBO

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