The Most Awkward Australian TV Moments Of All Time

2016-08-02 03:24:55Z
Julia Foskey
Julia Foskey

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Australian television has had some pretty awkward moments over the years. In fact just mentioning the words “live finale” can send a shiver down the spines of our TV execs.

Whether they were sad, funny or confusing, here are seven of the most awkward Aussie TV moments of all time.

7. A Live Fight On The Midday Show

A discussion about the republic between Normie Rowe and Ron Casey on daily talk show Midday resulted in an actual punch-on. Obviously 90s Australian TV could get pretty wild!

6. Grant Denyer Passes Out In A Stunt Plane

During his stint as Sunrise’s weatherman Grant Denyer liked to go to extreme lengths to create good TV. But his trip in a stunt plane was too much even for him, and he passed out live on TV.

5. Karl Stefanovic Jokes With The Dalai Lama

We probably could have made a full list of Karl Stefanovic moments (we love you Karl!) but his attempt to joke around with the Dalai Lama about pizza fell flat. Something was definitely lost in translation here. 

4. Hugh Jackman Crashes On Oprah Winfrey’s Show

Not technically an Aussie TV show, but it did happen in Australia to an Australian star – so we’ll take it. Hugh Jackman had a spectacular flying fox entrance planned for his appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s show, but he found himself nursing a black eye after the stunt ended with a crash.

3. Q&A’s Shoe Thrower

Former Prime Minister John Howard was asked a question about the Iraq war on Q&A by activist Peter Gray. Peter was dissatisfied with Mr Howard’s answer, so stood up and threw his shoes at him. Even host Tony Jones wasn't sure how to react, and things in the studio got very awkward. Sadly Peter passed away from bowel cancer in 2011.

2. Bec Judd’s Missed Kiss

Bec Judd dodged a goodbye kiss from Tony Jones (different to the previous Tony Jones!) during her last appearance on the Channel 9 News before going on maternity leave. That awkward moment was instantly picked up and spawned a million headlines.

1. Top Model Winner Announcement

Could there really be anything else in the top spot? Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong winner on the live finale of Australia’s Next Top Model… and made headlines across the globe. Never forget.

Honorary mention to this moment from New Zealand (because we all know we steal everything good from them anyway) where two X Factor judges lashed out at a contestant for… well… who knows really!?

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