The Leaked Nude Pics That Have Devastated The Bachelor's Megan Marx

2016-09-14 03:28:08Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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The Bachelor's Megan Marx, is never one to shy away from publicity. She's confident and definitely isn't afraid of posting a controversial and racy Instagram or two! More recently, she has set tongues wagging over her controversial Instagram photos with rumored girlfriend Tiffany Scanlan.

However, these are rumours that we definitely don't think Megan would be happy about and it isn't hard to see why.

According to The Daily Telegraph, she has been left absolutely devastated over the rumoured circulation of naked photos that have been taken without her consent. The photos were allegedly taken earlier this year while she was sleeping and have now circulated throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Western Australia.

We think this is absolutely horrible and really feel for Megan who confessed that the knowledge of the leaked photos has been really stressful. She revealed to The Daily Telegraph her thoughts on the ordeal. 

"Obviously, if someone's taken (nude) pictures of you sleeping it's incredibly weird and creepy and inappropriate. It just shows that you don't ever fully know anybody, it's quite horrific."

While the person behind the leaked photographs remains unknown for now, Megan said she has some idea.

"I have a pretty good idea of who it was, but I've had a couple of ex-boyfriends so I can't confirm."

We hope she is okay and that the person responsible is found out soon.

Photo Credit-Instagram/Meganmarx


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