The Gogglebox Cast’s Reaction To Richie’s Infamous Pick Was All Of Us x 1000

2016-09-23 00:58:13Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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We know you don't want to relive the pain and heartbreak you all felt when Nicki wasn't chosen as 'the one'... But we swear, Gogglebox's reaction will make it all the worthwhile. 

Gogglebox, the show no one truly understands - like, come on, it's watching people watch TV - but hey, it's entertaining af. 

Now, if there was ever a bloody reaction-and-a-half to something that happened on reality TV, it was that of the moment when Richie chose Alex. (Sorry you two, but it's true, Australia was devo.)

Seriously, we're surprised that buildings are still in their upright positions after feeling the wrath of Australia's syncopated heartbreak.

But, mate, if you thought you had a reaction, just wait until you see how our beloved Gogglebox crew handled the news.

Gogglebox fam, may you never change. 

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