The Biggest Loser Adds New Faces To 2017 Line-up

2016-09-11 23:10:20Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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It’s time to say goodbye to some of the most iconic trainers on The Biggest Loser… but this means it’s time to say hello to one of the best trainers yet!

Michelle Bridges and Commando Steve, otherwise known as the fittest couple in Australia, have left the show after nine years of changing people’s lives.

But this means that the show is welcoming Scoopla Fit expert Libby Babet!


Libby’s an expert at all things fitness and the founder of the Buf Girls. She is all over Scoopla Fit and let’s be real there is no one more perfect for the role!

Current trainer Shannan Ponton will stay on for the new season… and by the sounds of the rumours it could be the best yet. They are hoping that this one will be all types of relatable.

Shannan and Libby have explained that it's the season for those who may think they’re “too small” for the series to put their hands up.

Shannan said, “You don’t have to be 180 kilos for bad health or bad habits to adversely affect your life… Rather than just the people who are 200 plus kilos, we want people who are on the slide, and if something doesn’t come up now then they’re going to end up super unhealthy and overweight in the future.”

Fiona Falkiner will also return as host!


Image credit: Channel 10, Libby Babet, Instagram  


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