The Bachelor’s Nikki Gogan Speaks Up Against “Bad Humans” Who Hurt Her Family

2016-11-07 00:22:46Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Nikki Gogan is left outraged after thieves targeted her family.  

The former Bachelor runner-up has taken to her Instagram account to share her disgust after thieves broke in and stole from her sister's clothing store. 

Nikki's lil sis, Dani Gogan, had her clothing store - Savvy Brands - broken into on the weekend.

"While nobody was hurt... it's just so disappointing when I see how hard she works."

"I wonder if the thieves really have any idea, yo thieves, stop being bad humans!"

We're happy to hear that no one was hurt but also our girl Nikki shares a good point... Thieves, just stop hey? 

Photo credit: @nikki_gogan Instagram

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