The Bachelor's Keira Macguire Wants You To Know She's NOT Posing For Paps

2016-11-28 01:11:13Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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The Bachelor's Kiera Maguire isn't very happy with the media at the moment.

An article was published in The Daily Telegraph recently, outlining that her "15 minutes of notoriety" is "about to expire".

The paper wrote about Kiera "trying to catch the attention of a paparazzo" last Friday saying that she was "walking around for some time while a photographer was on the same street".

"The former Bachelor contestant was about to get back into her car when she finally noticed the pap and hopped out of the vehicle so he could take her picture".

The article definitely hit a nerve with the reality star who then posted a photo of the article on Instagram, which has now been deleted, insisting that she had not done what the story had said.

"I had spent ages trying to get away from the pap who was following me around in my car for over half an hour.

"As if I care about trying to get a paps attention, I've got my own stuff going on."


Rumours about Keira's passion for the paparazzi has been stirring ever since her stint on The Bachelor ended. 

The star has been the subject of some harsh criticisms and she is definitely not taking the comments lightly.

WEEKEND VIBES | Just a spot of shopping @tuchuzystore 😎

A photo posted by Keira Maguire 👸🏼 (@keiramaguire) on

 What do you think is going on?

Image: @keiramaguire

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