The Bachelor’s Jilted Exes Come Out Of The Woodworks, Claws Out!

2016-09-28 00:44:56Z
Phoebe Newling
Phoebe Newling

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Everyone has a skeleton (or two) in their dating closet... even the Bachelors contending for Georgia Love's attention on this season of The Bachelorette AU.

It's still very early days but some of the exes of the Bachelors are already claiming their share of the fame by telling us what they're really like. 

What do Rhys Chilton, Clancy Ryan and Carlos Fang have in common? ... Their exes have some serious words about their previous relationship antics.

Clancy's ex-girlfriend spoke to New Idea, claiming that Clancy would not spoil his girls with expensive dates or gifts, even going as far to say that he is a "cheapskate".

"He always wanted to go to Cheap Tuesdays at the movies and would often leave me to pay the bill for dates we went on," Clancy's ex-girlfriend told New Idea

Note: Clancy is cheapskate. 

Next on the firing line is model Rhys... His ex-girlfriend claims the 29 year old is an "absolute ladies man".

"Don't expect to have his undivided attention on dates in the real world - he is easily distracted by anything with a pulse," she told New Idea.

Going on to explain that he would regularly ditch her at events so he could "work the room". Really, not cool.

Note: Rhys works the ladies.

Finally... Carlos.

The man claims that he is a millionaire on his Sugar Daddy and Seeking Arrangement accounts. 

Note: Carlos self-procliamed milionaire

Enough said ladies and gentleman. 

Image Credit: Ten Network

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