The Bachelorette's Post-Show Bikini Bodies Are Our 2017 #FitGoals

2016-11-14 23:13:21Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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The Bachelor may be over for 2016, but our obsession with the Bachie girls hasn't stopped. 

And why would it?! We were glued to our TV screens for what seemed like forever, getting to know these charismatic and beautiful ladies who made us laugh and crush hard on their amazing style. 

Three of our faves recently got together for a photo shoot and chat with NW Magazine and wow - their Summer bikini bodies are all of our 2017 #FitGoals!

You'd think there would be some animosity between Olena Khamula, Keira Maguire and Alex Nation, considering Alex is the won who one the heart of Richie which they all vyed for!

But the girls were all giggles are getting along better than anyone could expect. 

Alex even said, "I absolutely adore Olena - she's a friend for life... And if you really get to know Keira for who she is, she's a rippin' chick - she has a beautiful energy about her." 

The girls all banded together for a shoot at Sydney's South Coogee beach and we are in awe of their Summer style and figures!

Alex Nation

Alex has revealed she is a big Pilates fan, doing it three times a week and also fitting in some time for running. 

While on the show, Alex noticed her face had become fuller and Keira was the gal in the mansion to get everyone motivated to workout for heir body and mind. 

On the plus side, Alex admitted she definitely grew a booty she loved while on the show. We're sure Richie loved that!

Keira Maguire 

We all know that Keira is a big yoga fan... even though it wasn't her ideal date on The Bachelor. 

The fiesty lady swears by barre classes and she revealed how important Alex has been to her after the show. 

"After the show Alex was so amazing to me - she's such a beautiful person."

Olena Khamula

Despite saying she put on nearly ten kilos in the Bachie mansion, Olena obviously has a body we all love!

Since leaving the mansion she has been cardio crazy, running 8km (followed by a 2km walk) three to four times a week!

These girls have forged an unexpected friendship and we're adoring the love they have for each other!

Summer, here we come!

Image Credit: Channel Ten.

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