The Bachelorette’s Lee Calls Out The Show For Making Him Seem As Exciting As Cold Porridge

2016-10-27 23:56:22Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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Lee has spoken out about how it hurt to see the way he was portrayed on the show.

Despite Lee looking like the actual Prince Charming, the Australian public fell in love with Matty and were beyond devo when Georgia delivered this ripper, "I came here to fall in love and I have... but it's with someone else," before vigorously plunging her hand into his chest, tearing out his heart, and kicking it off a bridge.

The reason most of us were cheering on Matty was because, whilst Lee seemed like an amazing guy, he was also pretty bland.

Now, speaking with Fairfax, Lee has revealed he shared the same opinions with the public when it came to his vanilla edit - 

“They really downplayed me. Yes, it hurts, but the only person it matters to is G, she knows what happened during filming and she was there to hear it.

"But I understand it, I get it. But in the finale, they actually showed me opening right up."

He’s also pretty nervous about getting the reception Alex received after Richie got her over Nikki:

"I certainly like to think I won't quite have that backlash. I understand there are people that are Team Matty and there are people that are Team Me. Obviously, you go in not knowing what is going to happen and how you will be perceived.”

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