Survivor Host Jonathan LaPaglia Reveals Post Traumatic Stress After Filming

2016-10-23 23:34:59Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Rove and Sam caught up with Survivor Australia host Jonathan LaPaglia now that we're nearing the finale, and revealed he is suffering some post traumatic stress after filming.

"Matt has said that since returning home, he has suffered from horrible nightmares and is still struggling to get back to normal. Do the contestants have any support post show to help them mentally?" Sam Frost asked.

"I don't know if there is something in place, but if there is I wouldn't mind taking part in that," Jonathan responded. 

"After doing the show, I'm feeling a bit of post traumatic stress syndrome myself. So if you find out about a support program, let me know because I definitely might take part in that."

Jonathan revealed the tough conditions on the island and the different struggles the contestants faced apart from the competition itself. 

"The biggest thing is the heat, it's so hot there that I felt quite nauseas just standing on the beach," Jonathan explained.

"So there was not only the heat, but also the mental challenge of the game and trying to play strategically for the contestants."

Matt Tarrant, a contestant on the show who was recently eliminated, also revealed he has been struggling with his mental health since leaving the show.

“I remember the first couple of weeks after I came back, I was sleeping differently and I was having horror dreams.

“Things are always constantly playing out in your mind.”

Australian Survivor has been renewed for a second season in 2017.

You can watch the full interview with Jonathan HERE.

Image: Channel Ten

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