Survivor Contestant Lee Talks About Island Hanky Panky

2016-10-25 21:56:20Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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Awww reality TV show LOVE!

It was revealed recently that Survivor contestants Lee and El were in fact SEEING each other after appearing on the show and when Lee caught up with 2Day FM's Rove and Sam, he revealed to the guys the details we shouldn't, but do, want to know.

Last night, Lee addressed their relationship on the show (which was pre-recorded a little while ago) saying they weren't romantically involved on the island BUT since then the pair have confirmed they ARE seeing each other.

Lee revealed to Rove and Sam "We knew there was a connection and a bond on the island but we said let's wait til we get home and wait for the circus to die down and let's see if there's something there.

...that's what we wanted to find out, to see whether things were gonna be the same and they were. From that first date at Max Brenner when we smashed so much chocolate"

When asked who made the first move, Lee revealed "Oh El did, she was all over me, I said just step off man! We've got a game to play here..."

So wait, Lee... did you just confirm something DID happen on the island? Ooh LA LA!

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