Sunrise’s Kochie Has Finally Lost It At Cash Cow Caller Who Answered ‘I Wake Up With Today’

2016-11-30 04:21:50Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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After the billionth person answered Sunrise’s cash cow call with "I wake up with Today", Kochie finally lost it.  

We should all really know the deal by now, but alas, this mistake keeps happening. 

When answering the Cash Cow call on Sunrise, you can literally say ANYTHING, and yet people still answer with “I wake up with Today”, which is what The Today Show competition requires you to say in order to win.

This morning, punter John answered the call to win $30K, but after his answer, Kochie was far from impressed. 

While the rest of the panel burst out laughing, Kochie let loose with a sassy, “You stupid man! 

“John, why the frick would you wake up with Today?

“I’m not sure we’re gonna give you the bloody cash now you two-timer. 

“It’s Australia’s number one breakfast program, not the imitators.” 

Well, at least John could share a laugh with the rest of the team! 

Watch the whole thing here! 

Image: Channel 7 

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