Sunrise Slammed After Their Interview With ‘Aussie Legend’ Takes An Awkward Turn

2016-11-24 23:43:35Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Sunrise are receiving a lot of back lash online after one of their reporters had an awkward interview with a man who chased down a criminal in Brisbane earlier this week.

Daniel McConnell chased down a car, in nothing but his underwear, after it lost control and crashed into his local fish and chip shop. 

The story went viral after it appeared on The Today Show and he has been dubbed a hero by people across the country.

Michelle Tapper interviewed David about the incident and has a lot of people are unhappy about the questions she asked him.

She first awkwardly suggested that he had previously committed crimes by saying, "now, I am not going to ask you if you've committed any crimes", which took him by surprise.

She then asked if he was expecting a reward for his efforts and during the interview, you can see David's face drop after being asked the question.

He replied by saying that the only reward he was looking for was, "a handshake from my mate and I got it this morning".

Michelle then continued on by stating that he had been given a cup of coffee by the shop owner, but David was quick to correct her by explaining that "the coffee has all come from my house. I made everyone a coffee this morning."

Social media users have hit back at the reporter calling the interview "disgraceful" and "judgemental".

Well, that was awkward. 

Images: Channel 7, Facebook


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