Sorry, But We’re Almost Sure Aussie Survivor’s Lee Just Spoiled The Finale

2016-10-07 00:59:45Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Castaway Lee recently sat down for an interview with OK! Magazine, but there was just one thing he said that we think might've been an ol' slip of the tongue. 

*Potential spoilers ahead* 

Basically, the daddy-of-two very innocently told the magazine what he got up to as soon as he was off of the show. 

"As soon as [we] got out of there, El and I hit up Max Brenner.

"Yep, this was even before we took showers." 

Makes sense, they've been deserted without dessert, of course you'd wan - WAIT, HIM AND EL?! 

As in... the two of them went to Max Brenner together... If they BOTH went to for hot waffles in melted chocolate BEFORE showers, then surely that means they left the show together! 

So... are Lee and El the final two? Or was there a double elimination? 

Let us know what YOU think this means! 

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