See Two Married At First Sight Exes Have An Awkward AF Run In

2016-11-20 21:37:22Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We should all know how chaotic the drama gets on Married At First Sight

This year, the drama reached an all-time high when contestants Andy and Craig called it quits on their honeymoon. 

Things got hella awkward when Andy decided to sell his wedding ring on eBay... yep, eBay, saying, "Unwanted wedding ring for sale. Barely used!!! I was jilted on the honeymoon... It comes with shattered dreams and the hope of a better future."

But the awkwardness doesn't end there... because exes Andy and Craig just ran into each other at another huge event... Diner En Blanc Sydney.

The run in was even posted to Instagram, with the caption reading, "Wife meets husband!"

Now before you flip out, this woman isn't actually Andy's wife. Jess is just a friend. 

But we undertsand the confusion. 

We wonder if this pic is proof that Craig and Andy have smoothed things over and hold no grudges, or whether they're putting on the best smiles of their lives.

Image Credit: Channel Nine.

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