See The Video Fuelling Rumours Nikki Gogan Is Dating One Of The Bachelors!

2016-10-30 21:39:49Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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We all thought that the romance on The Bachelorette was over… well we couldn’t be more wrong.

A new video has been posted online and it basically suggests that there is a little something something going on between The Bachelor’s Nikki Gogan and The Bachelorette’s Cameron Cranley.

It all started when Cameron and Nikki bumped into each other at Melbourne's Derby Day 2016.

One thing led to another and Tiffany Scanlon posted a video of the two on her Instagram story. It showed them chatting in a group with fellow Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants.

In the video you hear Tiffany yelling, “It's Cam and Nikki, It's Cam and Nikki! Oh my god hook up! Hook up, hook up! Oh my god!”

Nikki looks pretty embarrassed and mouths the words, “no”… but she also looks like they could be hiding something and tbh we hope they are!!

This also comes after the two watched the Bachelorette finale together.

Either of them are yet to comment on the rumours, so we guess we will have to be good children and wait. #TheStruggle

Image Credit: Channel 10

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