Sarah Jessica Parker Just Revealed Something Crazy About Sex And The City

2016-09-30 04:12:54Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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What woman hasn't watched Sex And The City? The show is iconic and basically a rite of passage for every fashion lover. If you haven't seen an episode, then you're missing out on something major!

Carrie Bradshaw is known across the globe and was Sarah Jessica Parker's breakout television role. Speaking with Jimmy Kimmel recently, the actress chatted about the show and revealed that she originally thought it was a bad idea.



She told Jimmy that she "loved the script" and thought Carrie was an "interesting role" but was still unsure about being on the show. 

When they said we’re finally going to do it I was like ‘I don’t know ... I don’t know. I feel like the moment passed. Maybe I’m not so keen to commit.’” she said.

This is pretty crazy news considering the role of Carrie was actually written for her. 

Luckily her agent and the show's creator, Darren Star, talked her into commiting to the show. 

"I was foolish and people wisely talked me out of it. I went to set the first day and never looked back.”

Could you imagine a different Carrie Bradshaw

Images: HBO

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