Rumour Alert: Gossip Girl Could Be Returning!

2016-07-27 11:06:19Z
Nic Holland
Nic Holland

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Listen up wannabe Upper East Siders - With the success of popular tv show reboots this year (Fuller House, Gilmore Girls, Prison Break) it seems all eyes are looking at Gossip Girl next!

Can you believe it’s been almost four years since Gossip Girl ended!?

It feels like just yesterday we were crying over how perfect Chuck and Blairwere, and crying over how incredible the fashion was, and crying over the luxury of NYC high society. There was a lot of crying. 

One of the show’s creators, Josh Schwartz (the genius behind The OC, Chuck and Hart of Dixie), has spoken to E! about the demand for more GGfrom fans and of how it would work with today’s technology: 

"We haven't really explored some of those conversations. Maybe, I don't know. We haven't really thought about it. The Internet has changed… The world has become Gossip Girl now… And now literally everyone is Gossip Girl."

Can you imagine Gossip Girl with Snapchat?! 

The O.C fans, however, shouldn't get their hopes up - 

"[The O.C.] was this character coming from this world into this thing... you'd have to either replicate that in some way or we just do the Chino show and it's about a Jewish kid from Newport Beach, who ends in in Chino and gets his a** kicked every week."

Okay, we get that... but what about a reunion special? Just to check up on The Cohen fam you know?

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