Rove Did A Sneaky Thing On LIVE TV And You Probably Missed It

2016-10-16 22:56:41Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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On Friday night, Rove hosted The Project, so Sam saw the opportunity to challenge him with a little task.

"I want to give you a challenge!" Sam said to Rove "I have a bunch of words from this show that I want you to sneak in to the broadcast!"

Rove accepted the challenge, but quickly got nervous when Sam rattled off her desired list of phrases.

"Here's what I want you to drop in to the show." Sam began "The first, 'Guys! guys guys guys!', 'Hectic', 'Mouldy Pits', 'Chitty Chat' as a little nod to our catch up, my own 'Delightful Human', 'Me scusie' and for double points - 'Me ABSOLUTE Scusie.'

How did Rove go? 

Check out the video HERE! It's not to be missed.

Author: Amy Copeland.

Image Credit: Channel Ten.

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