Richie & Alex Had The Same Sunday Night Plans As Nikki & It's A Tad Awkward

2016-09-26 00:57:29Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Now that The Bachelor’s Richie has found the girl who holds the key to his heart, it ain’t achy breaky anymore and the loved up couple are sharing their couple cuteness with the world.

The duo have been taking to Instagram and Snapchat on repeat to give us some major #CoupleGoals, like Richie serenading Alex, and they’re even having adorable date nights which are making us super jelly.

But their recent weekend plans got a tad awkward, because Nikki (aka the gal who didn’t get the guy) had the exact same plans…

We all felt heartbroken for Nikki when Richie told her she wasn’t the one, but it looks like she totes could have been.

Why? Well they have the same taste in movies…

And anyone who shares the love of Grease obvs has a strong connection…

All three of the Bachelor babes decided to have a nice night at home watching Grease. As we all do.


As you’d expect, Bachie fans grabbed a hold of the goss and the comment realms went wild, with a few fans deciding to dub Nikki as the better singer.

We’re not sure how Richie will feel about that. He sure does love to belt out a tune.

Maybe, just maybe, the three of them could become friends again…

They all go together like rama lamalamma ka dinga da ding dong.

Image Credit: Channel Ten / Snapchat @NikkiGrogan

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