REVEALED: How Much Money Do Australian Reality TV Stars Make?

2016-08-22 23:43:55Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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If you have big plans on becoming a reality TV star and walking away with a rose and a chunk of cash, you might wanna re-think your choices.

Turns out that not every show delivers all the goods to their contestants.

The Daily Telegraph has revealed how much Australian reality show contestants make and to be honest the results are quite shocking.

If you had plans on one day being the star of ‘The Bachelor’ according to reports they only get about $90 a day.

If you’re successful enough to make it to the end of the whole 12 weeks you could earn about $7500. But if you only make it through the first couple of weeks then you will only be left with about two weeks worth of rent.

If you’re lucky enough to be on ‘The Real Housewives Of Sydney’ you will literally be making it rain… for the whole season of shooting, you’re looking at earning about $70,000.

What a dream. The $70,000 doesn’t include extra appearances or deals.

The Daily Telegraph also reported that if you have a “high-profile” in the RHOS cast, you would get paid more. Each of the women receives a clothing allowance to make sure they’re looking your best at all times.

So guys, select your reality show wisely.


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