Remember The Big Brother Grand Final News Reports? We Found One & It’s Left Us In Tears!

2016-11-29 04:48:15Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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Sandra Sully’s news report recap from the 2006 Big Brother grand final has us feeling all the emotions!!  

Let’s be real, one of the THE best things about Big Brother was that ‘this is what you missed during your time in the house’ news report that good ol’ Sandra Sully whipped up.  

This now archival footage, takes us back to a time when we were all holding our breath for the Beaconsfield miners, Socceroos fever swept the nation and our own Prime Minister ripped the reality show to shreds.

Our hearts are also breaking on what hasn’t changed with war, natural disasters and marriage equality still struggling 10 years later. 

Check it out from the 8:40 mark -

In Scoopla news, we feel like that old Aunty you haven’t seen in a long time weeping over how much you’ve grown when we think about the births of Suri Cruise and Shiloh Pitt, as well as the marriage of Keith & Nicole  

But seriously, when did Big Brother start quoting George Orwell

Image: Channel 10 


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