Princess Janey From The Bachelor Looks Completely Different In Real Life

2016-08-03 05:36:49Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Children’s entertainer Janey had one of the most memorable entrances in Bachelor history when she staged a Cinderella moment by leaving her shoe behind.

Her fairytale obsession and bubbly on screen persona has made her one of the most intriguing contestants so far this year.

But it turns out Janey might not always look like she's attending a fairytale ball when she's not on screen - and even princesses know how to dress like normal people.

Janey was snapped by the paparazzi on a stroll through Brisbane wearing ugg boots and a black tank top with a hoodie around her waist.

To be honest she still looks incredible!

Former Bachelorette Sam Frost has been pretty clear in the past that there are no actors on the show, so we shouldn't take this as an indication that Janey is faking anything on screen.

They are absolutely all real people. They’ve either been scouted or they’ve applied online, [they are] all legit people. No actors what so ever,” Sam said on Rove & Sam last week.

We've got our fingers crossed for Janey to get a single date ASAP!

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