Pete Evans Allegedly BANNED Journalists From MKR For Teasing Him

2017-01-22 00:45:54Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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The premiere of My Kitchen Rules is only a week away and we can't wait to see what the new season holds.

But of course, reality television must not go ahead without a little bit of drama first.

Channel Seven has been forced to deny that chef and paleo-enthusiast Pete Evans banned journalists from attending the My Kitchen Rules launch party.

This may not sound too interesting, but it's the reason why he banned them that has us scratching our heads.

Pete allegedly banned the journalists because they have consistently been bad-mouthing his paleo diet and alternative lifestyle.

This comes after one news outlet stated that he now sits on a special mat when using the computer to negate the dangers of wi-fi and reconnect with nature.


The My Kitchen Rules launch is being held at Colin Fassnidge's restaurant and according to the Daily Telegraph, Pete was refusing entry to journalists from News Corp and Bauer Media.

Channel Seven have now released a statement saying that this is not correct and they welcome any and all publicity.

"Pete does not make any decisions in regards to who is given access to MKR ... that is a decision made by the publicity department. And we would never refuse access to anyone because obviously, we are grateful of all publicity."

Looks like Pete will still be popping up in the media, whether he wants to or not.


Image: Channel Seven

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