People Are Angry AF At Sunrise’s Samantha Armytage

2016-10-10 03:22:21Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Sam Armytage's Instagram account is being bombarded by fans who are accusing the TV host of promoting "cruelty". 

Over the weekend, the Sunrise host uploaded a photo, posing with a tiger at Dreamworld.

While the 40-year-old's Instagram caption was nothing but playful, people were very quick to point out that she was endorsing what they believe to be "cruelty". 

"I couldn't think of anything worse for that beautiful animal, than to be paraded through droves of noisy spectators all day on a chain," wrote @randomwebby. 

"I don't like to [sic] look at that cruelty," said @cazloveridge. 

"Poor tiger. Tied up like that and assuming it's completely doped up. But society right!" said @dreamt117 

Although despite all the accusations pointing the finger at Sam, people were quick to her defense, saying that she is definitely not promoting any type of cruelty. 

"Those critical of Sam's Dreamworld story simply don't understand the existential problems facing these animals... Well done Sam" said @macac1772

"There's no cruelty there peeps. @dreamworld_wildlife_foundation @dreamworldau are doing incredible work to save these beautiful tigers..." said @Caryscourtney

In Friday's episode, Dreamworld's Tiger Island manager, Patrick Martin-Vegue, spoke on how necessary facilities such as his are:

"It's very important in that it's an insurance population in case they go extinct in the wild... These guys have a great impact on people to donate and create awareness about what is going on with tigers in the wild," he said. 

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