Owners Of The JonBenet Ramsay House Reveal Why They Refused To Have It Filmed

2016-09-23 00:31:33Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Everyone's been talking about the documentaries and television exclusives that have been filmed surrounding the JonBenet Ramsay murder case. 

With all of these productions being filmed, you would have thought that the home in Boulder would have been used for filming, but it looks like networks weren't allowed to enter the home at all. 

The current owner of the house, Carol Schuller Milner, told TMZ that none of the film crews covering the JonBenet case were welcome in the home because she "had no interest in dredging up horrific memories". 

Carol was approached by producers months before the The Case of: JonBenet Ramsay was due to air but because she said no to filming, duplicate rooms had to be used instead. 

She said that they had renovated the basement since the murder also and so it would not have looked the same as when JonBenet was found anyway.

Images: EW.com, the Daily Mail

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