One Sex And The City Character Just Has Hinted That There Could Be A Reunion

2016-09-27 02:49:24Z
Phoebe Newling
Phoebe Newling

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Stop everything and drop everything, take a seat and have a drink because there could be a Sex and the City reunion coming our way!

Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw, has revealed that a reunion could be on the cards! 

Sarah told the Press Association in an interview, "I think that remains an open question and discussion that will continue until it's been resolved."

"I don't think any of us have said no," she added. 

"I think that's always a possibility, definitely."

We're excited, we think that's confirmation if we've ever read any!

Can you believe that it's been 18 years since the first episode of SATC aired... We hope that makes you feel old! 

Image Credit: HBO 


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