One Of Our Favourite Gilmore Girls Characters Finally Finds Love In The Revival!

2016-11-25 03:13:58Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Everyone seems to have found someone to love throughout the Gilmore Girls series.

Sookie had JacksonLorelai took a while but eventually nabbed Luke and even Kirk found love with Lulu, but there's one character who seemed to never find a soul mate.

Michel Gerard, the king of sass.


Throughout the series, Michel became the most quotable character with his sharp tongue and strong morals, but unfortunately, he never seemed to settle down like the rest of Stars Hollow.


But everything will be different in the revival!

Yanic Truesdale, the man who brought our favourite Frenchman to life, has revealed to Vanity Fair that we will get a glimpse of Michel's love life tonight!

“By choice, I think Amy never revealed [Michel’s] personal life and his love life, but clearly she made a different choice this time around.

"So we get to see what’s going on in his love life, and much more of who he is."

Fans have always had questions about Michel, mainly about his personal life and how he even ended up in the small, kooky town in the first place.


So luckily, tonight, when we turn on our Netflix Yanic says, "all the questions that you have will be answered.”

Tonight, it's Michel's time to shine!


Image: Warner Bros.

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