One Of Georgia Love's Bachelors Admitted To Her He Got On The Show To Be Famous

2016-10-12 20:18:39Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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Last night, Bachelorette Georgia Love said that this was like a freight train to the face.

Bachelor Sam sat her down and admitted multiple things to her, eventually resulting in Georgia sending him home before the rose ceremony.

They included:

After he was signed to an agency in the US, he basically came back to Australia to be a TV presenter saying "I think presenting's kinda cool and being on camera and the media and, yeah, it was kind of heading that direction before this"

He then added that if he wasn't the guy she chose, no biggie... actually saying "If I left this experience without you, I wouldn't, you know, be absolutely heartbroken"

This was of course on the same night that Rhys revealed to Georgia that he TOO "wasn't ready to meet the one" and left the show.

Boys. Really?

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