Once Upon A Time May Lose It's Greatest Character & We're LOSING IT

2017-01-14 02:32:12Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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When you were a kid, you no doubt wondered what your favourite Disney characters would look like in real life.

Would Snow White's hair be as dark as they said? 

Would Ursula really look as human as she did in The Little Mermaid?


These were the questions that filled our brains and that Once Upon A Time has answered.

The show centres on your favourite Disney characters in a modern world that crosses over with their magical one and it has literally made our dreams come true.

But bad news has come over from the star of the hit show and we just can't control our emotions.


Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma Swan in the show has said that her contract with ABC, the network that releases the show, finishes in April.

She's unsure about whether they will even renew Once Upon A Time for a new season and explained on The Drop-In podcast that she feels like she's in a state of limbo.

"They haven’t picked up the show officially yet — they might, they might not.

We are just waiting now to see if the network decides to continue with the show and if they do continue with the show, if they’re going to rework it to be something else, or if they’re going to invite people to stay.

We’re just in a holding pattern right now.”


The show is in its sixth season and ABC Chief Channing Dungey has said that although they are thinking of doing something different, it "doesn't necessarily mean that we're not bringing the cast back."

Jennifer feels very strongly about her character and has said that she feels very loyal to her.

If she doesn't return, Once Upon A Time just won't be the same.


Image: ABC

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