OMG… These Stars Are Rumored To Be On Season 16 Of Dancing With The Stars Australia

2016-09-07 04:51:18Z
Phoebe Newling
Phoebe Newling

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It is that time of year again... when casting whispers start to emerge of which stars could be appearing on Channel 7's Season 16 of Dancing With The Stars Australia

Channel 7 has confirmed that talent managers have been in contact! Some sources have revealed that apparently these are some of the stars that are rumoured to maybe appear on the show. 

Hold your breath and have a scroll because these are the stars included in talkings about the new season that will go to air in 2017!

So here we go! 

1. Charlotte Cosby from Geordie Shore

We would love to see our favourite Geordie Shore GF absolutely tear it up on the dancefloor. 

2. Keira Maguire

So apparently, Bachelor Queen Keira Maguire's contract with Channel 10 is set to end soon and she has plans to continue with other projects up her sleeve. 

Maybe all that dancing with Richie Strahan on The Bachelor will pay off!

3. Tim Dormer 

Yes... Tim Dormer from Big Brother 2013 is rumoured as a potential star for the show. NO doubt he will bring a little cheekiness to the judges.

4. Darren McMullen 

This Big Music Quiz host might be exchanging the microphone for some a new set of dancing shoes. 

We'd be happy to watch this cutie strut his stuff.

5. Bindi Irwin 

This Aussie Icon did so well over in the United States (aka taking the winning title) it is rumoured that she may do it all over again on home soil.

6. Tammin Sursok

Our GF Tammin could be flying back from overseas to appear on the series, if anyone could win DWTS it's this killer of a woman. 

7. Pete Evans 

Last but not least Australia's controversial paleo chef Pete Evans could be packing up the nutritious treats and trading them for some serious moves.

Image Credit: Channel 7 

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