Netflix Releases Shocking Statistics That Prove Australians Are Mostly Unfaithful Cowards

2017-02-14 03:55:31Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Australia, it goes without saying that we're disgusted after hearing about this betrayal which is, apparently, way too common. 

Today marks the annual day of love. Perhaps you and your partner are going out to dinner to your favourite restaurant; maybe you're going to take a bubble bath together; or skinny dip in the pool.. or maybe, just maybe, you're going to tuck in and catch up on your favourite shared Netflix series. 

Well, if the latter is what you have planned for this evening then CANCEL EVERYTHING. Because according to new info via Netflix, 45% of Aussies have "Netflix cheated" - meaning they've watched ahead of where you're up to together - and of that percent, 61% don't fess up! 

So, while you think that you're both shook outta your boots because Dayanara PICKED. UP. THE. GUN... chances are pretty likely that your partner already knew.

Is nothing sacred? 

Image credit: Netflix 

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