‘Neighbours’ Star Scott Major Shares What Happened When He Was Axed From The Show

2016-11-28 03:29:01Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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Ever wondered what happens when an actor finds out their character has been written out of Neighbours? Scott Major has revealed all! 

In a written piece for The Daily Telegraph, Scott revealed how his character’s departure from the show came as a stomach-churning shock.

“The feeling of rejection was quite high. I put my heart and soul into my role. I worked very hard and I loved the job. I had to go through the break-up of giving my all and someone saying, ‘I don’t want your all; actually, I’m moving on.'


“When they get rid of you, they often say it’s because they’ve run out of storylines for your character. I thought my character, Lucas [Fitzgerald], had more life in him. But you just have to accept it and move on, no matter how much more room you think the role has.

“They gave me six months’ warning, which was both good and bad. It was a double-edged sword because I was able to put some money away and sort my future out, but I also felt like a dead man walking around the corridors. Everyone would ask, “Oh, how are you coping? Are you ready to leave? What’s next?” No one likes to be looked at that way.

“When I filmed my last scene, I thought I could handle it, but I turned into a blubbering mess. I realised how much the job and the people I worked with meant to me.”


It wasn’t a complete departure from Neighbours for Scott, however, as he was offered to return as a director!

"The bosses said they wanted me to come back as a director. I didn’t know whether it was actually going to happen, but they stayed true to their word and I did a six-month directing internship.

I remember the first episode I directed by myself; I felt like somebody had given me the keys to the car and I was only on my L-plates! What if I crashed it? In the end, the cast put me at ease because I knew they had my back. Their support allowed me to grow as a director."

Scott now works on The Poppy Seed Theatre Festival in Melbourne, which "independent artists remain sustainable in a very difficult industry" 

Image: Channel 10 

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